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Walk in These Shoes: Green Shoe Styles

Many of us are making more eco-friendly choices. We’re learning to say no to the super plastic, battery-laden, shipped around the world, in a mega-sized package toys and saying yes to local, handmade toys made from natural materials.


We’re saying no to socially and ecologically unconscious coffees and saying yes to fair trade coffee. Sometimes our green options are clear, like eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable household cleaners verses, well all of the toxic ones.

On the other hand, or on the other foot perhaps, sometimes we just aren’t even aware that there are greener options available. If you’re trying to walk down the green path, just what are you walking on?

Walking and cycling are of course great eco-friendly, not to mention healthy, transportation alternatives but are you’re shoes planet-friendly?

As Fashion Week kicked off in Berlin, showing off the winter collection for 2010, there were shoes of many, many colors but some were also “green.” One new line is the BIO-D Biodegradable Shoes from Simple Shoes.

Thomas Briel, of Simple Shoes explains the scary truth about shoes. “The big problem with shoes is the sole,” said Briel “It takes about 1,000 years to compost the average shoe…”

The new BIO-D shoes will break down in the landfill in about 20 years verses 1,000. There’s a technology involved that ensures that the shoes won’t begin to break down under normal wear conditions and the process will only begin under the condition found in a landfill.

The price? The Bio-D shoes are 90 to 120 euros.

Are there other “greener” options beyond wearing the same shoes for 20 years or buying them at a second hand store? We all know that buying less is important but if we just have to have new shoes are there more options that are more eco-conscious? Sure there’s plenty of green washing out there too.

We have to be realistic about what is greener verses what is truly green. But it’s good to know what eco-friendly efforts are at hand, even for our feet.

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El Naturalista by Organico are green shoes that actually come in lots of colors including red.

What makes them greener than the average shoes?

  • They have a recycled foot bed and stream leather tanned using vegetable extracts and ground tree bark.

Ebony by Patagonia, which gives a portion of all of your Patagonia purchases to 1% for the Planet.

What makes them greener than the average shoes?

  • Ebony shoes have 100% recycled soles and the midsoles are from 20% recycled materials too.

Grass are by Terra Plana, a shoemaker that sources locally and uses recycled materials.

What makes them greener than the average shoes?

  • In addition to using recycled materials, Terra Plana focuses on lightweight designs to reduce shipping load.

Toematoe by Simple Shoes is one of the greenest and most popular eco-friendly shoe brands.

What makes them greener than the average shoes?

  • Toematoe shoes are made from organic cotton and wool with a bamboo lining, cork bed and water based cements. Simple Shoes also makes Eco-boots made from natural materials including buttons made from coconut shells.

What’s in your shoes?