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Keeping Your Child Safe Goes Beyond Baby-Proofing

As a new parent, you probably know that you should babyproof your home. If you have an older child, you probably teach them to pick up their small toys. You probably put a gate in front of the stairs and made sure that you put plugs on all of your electrical outlets.

Keeping a Toddler Safe

You might think that you have finished making your home safe for your child, but once your baby becomes a toddler, there is a new set of safety hazards to worry about.

Toddlers are capable of reaching objects that they never could reach before, moving furniture and objects that allow them to flip light switches and climb onto window ledges, and will be capable of getting into more trouble than they ever had before.

There are several things that you can check to make sure that your toddler stays safe.


Your toddler will be able to open doors before you know it. If you don’t want them wandering into the bathroom to play in the toilet, or opening the outside door and wandering around the neighborhood, you should purchase safety covers for your doorknobs.

If you have a glass door, put decals at your child’s eye level to prevent them from running into the glass.

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The cords from blinds and drapes have been known to strangle children. Shorten them so that your child will not be a victim. Keep in mind that your toddler could stand on a chair by the window and grab the cords.

If any of your windows are not on the first floor, be sure to lock them to prevent your child from falling out.


Toddlers can reach (or climb) onto tables. If you use glass cups, plates, or bowls, make sure that you put them away after you are done with them. Install child-proof locks on cupboards where you store your dishes.


Keep knives out of your toddler’s reach. Keep cleaning supplies, dishwasher detergent, and other poisonous items in a latched drawer or cupboard. Turn pot handles towards the back; using back burners is preferable.

Install an oven lock and knob covers to keep your child from opening the oven door and turning on the stove. If you can, gate off the kitchen to keep your child out of the kitchen completely.


Toddlers love water play, and the toilet can be a lot of fun when you are one or two years old. Install toilet locks. Be sure to keep medicines, other poisonous items, and items that could be dangerous in locked cabinets.

Your child might want to unroll the toilet paper too, so try to keep the bathroom door shut. Never leave a toddler unattended in the bathtub.

Climbing Tools

Toddlers enjoy climbing on chairs, ladders, stools, toys, and anything else that will help them reach up high. Try to keep these away from your toddler as much as possible.

Falling Hazards

Bookshelves and dressers look fun for a toddler to try to climb. Unfortunately, bookshelves can tip over and fall on an unsuspecting child. Secure these items to the wall. Toddlers could also knock down large floor lamps, so remove them if at all possible.

Your child might also figure out how to pull down tablecloths, so keep heavy or breakable objects off the dining room table to keep your child from injury.

Toddlers learn a wide variety of skills that help them gain independence, but they lack the wisdom to keep safe in a typical American home.

Taking extra safety precautions, beyond the measures you took when your child was an infant, will help keep them safe while they figure things out.