Are Alternative Medical Therapies Worth the Money?

The use of alternative medicine is either scoffed at or wholeheartedly endorsed by people who have used it. But are these alternative medical practices really worth it? Read ahead to compare which therapies are right for you-and your wallet.


Acupuncture is a ancient Chinese medical practice that using needles inserted in various places of the body to balance a person’s yin and yang. It is mainly used to ward of disease or to ease a person’s physical pain. Treatment ranges between $50-100 per treatment. Some health insurance do cover acupuncture, so check your policy.

Research has found acupuncation to be safe and effective for both the treatment of pain and nausea.


St. John's Wort

Various herbs (like oolong tea and St. John’s Wort) have been found to have healing properties. The cost can range from $10-20 per 100 capsules. Insurance companies typically do not cover the costs of buying herbs. The jury is out on whether herbs are really a healthy supplement.

They are usually part of fads and can be dangerous if you do not do proper research on the herb. Check with your doctor first before taking.


Homeopathy is a type of vibrational medicine and Naturopathy is a new age approach to nutrition and a type of vibrational medicine. For an initial consultation, you pay between $50 to 300. Some insurances do cover this type of therapy. There is no concrete evidence on the health benefits of Homeopathy, however, it does seem to have credence.

Naturopathy teaches healthy advice on eating right and living a healthy life.


Supplements are very popular with anyone looking to include a vitamin or mineral that may be lacking in their diet. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oils. Supplements can range from very inexpensive or very expensive, depending on where you purchase them from and the brand. Supplements are not covered by insurance.

Doctors recommend supplements, but check with yours first to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any medication you may be taking.

Massage and Reiki

Massage and Reiki

Massage and Reiki are both practices done to promote blood flow throughout the body to promote blood flow. A half-hour long massage will cost you at least $60, while a 30- to 60-minute Reiki session will cost upwards of $100. Insurances do not typically covered massage or Reiki sessions, however both do very well to relax you.


Meditation is a popular technique that works to clear the mind and help you focus on one goal. It can cost up to $100 per session, however, meditation can be practiced for free in your own home. Meditation isn’t covered by insurance. Many people who have participated in meditation rave about its benefits.


Chiropractic is a manipulation of the spine and is done in a chiroprator’s office. It costs between $130-$150 for an initial visit and between $50 to 70 for any follow-up visits. It is often covered by insurance companies. People visit chiropractor’s offices for alleviation for sore backs.


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