Try a Natural Alternative to Sleeping Pills

From over-the-counter sleep-aids to prescription sleeping pills, many options exist for those who have trouble sleeping and staying asleep for a full eight hours each night. Unfortunately, nonprescription sleep-aids don’t always work very well, and prescription meds come with warnings that sound far worse than the sleepless nights they’re meant to remedy.

It’s best to avoid any type of sleep-aids that aren’t natural, if possible, since for some they do more harm than good. Natural alternatives to sleeping pills are safe, they have few side-effects, and they can be very effective.

Muscle Relaxation

Tense muscles can cause restlessness, and a simple relaxation technique is a natural alternative to sleeping pills. After laying down in a comfortable position, begin relaxing the body one area at a time. Begin by clearing the mind, and concentrate on relaxing the body beginning with the toes, the feet, the ankles, and so on until each muscle is fully relaxed.

You’ll feel as if you’re floating on a cloud, and you might even fall asleep before you finish mentally and physically relaxing the entire body.

Linden Tea

Linden TeaA warm cup of linden tea can be just as effective as over-the-counter remedies, and it’s one of the best natural alternatives to any type of sleeping pills. Avoid caffeine in the evening, and enjoy a cup of linden tea about an hour before going to bed. It contains natural ingredients that induce sleep, and it’s a healthy alternative to sleeping pills.

You’ll find linden tea in stores that sell natural tea and herbal products, or you can order it online.

Controlled Breathing

Deep breathing can help you fall asleep faster, and it’s a completely natural alternative to sleeping pills. Find a comfortable position for sleeping, and take slow deep breaths. Think relaxing and comforting thoughts while breathing deeply and slowly, and be sure to let it all out before taking another breath.

A few minutes of deep breathing is all it takes for some people to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep without the use of sleeping pills.

Fresh air

Fresh air has a cooling effect and heps to relax. A cool bedroom environment is key to getting a good night’s sleep. But opening the window in a big city, you let smoke and bad odors in. That’s why many people use air conditioners or portable ozone generators. They provide fresh air for you and help to sleep beter.

White Noise

An electric fan or a noise machine is a natural alternative to sleep medication, and many people find they can’t sleep without some form of white noise. Consider running a fan or a sound machine instead of sleeping in silence. You’re less likely to be awakened by every little sound, and you’ll find you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Just as the sound of a humming car motor or a washing machine lulls a baby to sleep, a fan or a noise machine will help put anyone to sleep without the use of sleeping pills.

Write Down Bedtime Thoughts

Write Down Bedtime ThoughtsNighttime brings on a flood of worries for some, and even if nothing is wrong, some people search their minds to find things to worry about. Instead of lying awake worrying or taking sleeping pills and staying awake worrying anyway, write down your thoughts in a journal. If you have something you must do the following day, write it down, and clear your mind.

Once your mind is clear you’ll be able to fall asleep without thinking of what happened, what’s going to happen, or what might happen. This is a natural way to relax the mind, and along with the aforementioned methods, it’s good alternative to sleeping pills of any kind.


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